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Therapy and Procedures



·                  Electro-Muscle Stimulation

·                  Interferential Electro-Therapy

·                  Cryotherapy

·                  Diathermy

·                  Ultrasound



Electro-Muscle Stimulation


        Electro-muscle stimulation is a special form of electrical current that is administered at the site of a soft tissue injury, especially muscles, for the blocking of pain. Small amounts of electrical current are induced into the tissues for the purpose of reducing swelling. This widely used technique safely strengthens muscles and helps reduce painful symptoms. The patient feels a slight tingling sensation at first. Since your body may become  accustomed to the initial setting, the intensity may be raised during the course of your 10-20 minute treatment, for maximum healing effect. Electro-muscle stimulation has been used as an effective form of pain relief. It is recommended in cases in which pain is accompanied by swelling and inflammation.


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Interferential Electro-Therapy


        Interferential Electro-Therapy is a therapeutic treatment to aid in the relief of pain and the promotion of soft tissue healing. Tiny amounts of electrical impulses are induced into the tissues in the vicinity of the injury. Where these waves intersect below the surface of the skin, a low-frequency stimulation is created. This prompts the body to secrete endorphins and other natural pain killers to help relieve pain. Most patient describe the treatment as a faint “pins and needles” sensation. Interferential Electro-Therapy is most often used for pain relief and to aid in reducing the swelling of soft tissues. Ligament sprains, muscle strains and spasms often respond to this treatment, helping to reduce atrophy and increase blood circulation.


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        Cryotherapy is a term that describes the application of ice, cold towels, ice massage and compresses to reduce the temperature of tissues directly below the surface of the skin. Surface cooling constricts blood vessels, numbs painful areas, and relaxes muscle spasms. Colder temperatures reduce nerve transmission of painful symptoms and provide temporary relief. Ice is most often used to manage acute injuries or recent eruptions of chronic conditions. Cooling affected tissues is effective in reducing and preventing posttraumatic swelling. Local cooling shoulder be applied several times a day during the initial stags of an injury.


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        Diathermy is a form of shortwave electromagnetic energy used to raise the temperature of certain soft tissues  below the surface of the skin. The diathermy energy field passes through the softer tissues near the surface of the body turning into heat when reaching the more dense tissues below the surface. This increases blood circulation and helps speed the healing process. The patient feels pleasantly warm, but not hot. If treatment makes an area uncomfortably warm or you feel pressure, push the head away from your body. Diathermy is an extremely effective form of adjunctive therapy. It relaxes muscles and connective tissue, increases range of motion, reduces muscle spasms and cramping, and makes movement and stretching less painful.


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        Ultrasound is a therapeutic treatment using high-frequency sound waves administered in the region of soft tissue injuries. Sound vibrations as fast as a million times per second penetrate the tissues deep in the body to warm them. These vibrations and heat help break down and disperse the unhealthy calcium deposits and congestion in soft tissues. The gel used to conduct the sound waves is at room temperature and may momentarily feel cool to the skin when it is initially applied. Most patients feel a pleasant and relaxing warmth below the surface of the skin during the actual treatment. Ultrasound treatment can be administered directly to the area of complaint, penetrating deeply into the body. The rise in temperature increases blood flow, relaxes muscle spasms, massages damaged tissues and speeds the healing process.


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