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How Much Do You Know About Exercise? A Self Test…


        This is a quick test to learn how much you know about exercising with a minimum health risk. Remember, while exercise is good for body conditioning, it can act counter to goals and in fact create structural health problems if not done sensibly. To protect your health, let your family doctor of chiropractic recommend a regimen of exercises that is suited to your age, condition, lifestyle and goals.


Answer each of the following True or False:


·       All exercise is good for your health.

·       People in good physical condition do not have to worry about structural health problems.

·       The best way to get exercise is only on weekends.

·       The more strenuous the exercise, the better it is.

·       Men are stronger than women.

·       Children do not suffer as many structural health injuries as adults.

·       People only see doctors of chiropractic when they hurt their backs.


If you answered “False” on all the questions, you are correct. If you missed more than one answer, you need to become more aware of structural health in relation to exercise. Exercising without a planned program and good judgment can be dangerous


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