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Chiropractic Works!


Q: What is Chiropractic?


A: Chiropractic is a natural method of healing, advocating a non-surgical, non-invasive, and drugless treatment of patients. Grounded in a view of the individual as an integrated being, the doctor of chiropractic focuses on spinal health as the key to overall health and wellness.

        Because of the integration of the body’s various systems, chiropractic theory holds that spinal mechanics – including the vertebrae, corresponding nerves and surrounding soft tissue – plays a primary role in the health of the whole body. Structural abnormalities in the spine, which cause the pain, dysfunction, and loss of mobility to thousands of Americans every year, can be treated successfully.



Q: What Does a Chiropractor Do?


A: The primary treatment for spine abnormalities is a procedure known as vertebral adjustment, or more generally spinal manipulation. An adjustment is a technique in which the chiropractor skillfully applies pressure to an area of the pines. The procedure is often, but not always, applied manually, The result is reduced pain and inflammation, and restored function to the injured area.

        Patients could also expect a treatment plan to utilize procedures along with manipulation such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation and controlled exercise.



Q: Is Chiropractic Right for You?


A: While research is helping the scientific community to consider the effectiveness of cost and efficacy of treatment of the chiropractic method, in response to specific conditions, thousands of individuals all over the world are finding restored mobility and relief from pain in the hands of their professional doctor of chiropractic. As health care choices become increasingly more diverse, and as consumers take more responsibility for designing a personal plan for optimal health, it is clear that chiropractic will be a choice for many… how about you?


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